TGET is a registered charity involved in the arena of promoting education. As our slogan says, we believe that lives can be changed through education. On this site you can find news and pictures from some of the projects we have chosen to support.

Amongst the links to the left you will find the websites of some of the charities involved in the projects we support. This will tell you far more about the important work they are involved in. In addition by using the Charity Commission link you have access to background information on a vast range of charities.

By clicking on ‘Projects Supported’ you can learn of progress from a range of programmes we have supported to date.

The ‘Latest News’ link, again to the left, will bring you up to date with some of the projects we are currently actively  involved with and  sometimes other relevant educational topics.

Browse the site to find more details of the sort of thing we will and will not consider for support as well as a bit more about Teachers Group Educational Trust.