Criteria For Grants

Core Value Statements

  1. TGET firmly believes that lives can be changed through education and provides grants to help promote education both in the UK and overseas.
  2. TGET wishes to focus on helping youngsters between 4 and 19 years old – particularly those from a disadvantaged background.
  3. All grants provided by TGET should meet the criteria that we have established and there must be accountability by the grantee to demonstrate that TGET’s money has been properly expended and used appropriately.

Key criteria to assess whether TGET should provide a grant:

  1. The grantee must be able to demonstrate that the money used will improve educational attainment, inspire youngsters to develop new skills and have a positive impact on their lives.
  2. New ideas must be capable of being translated into projects and the projects must be capable of being replicated elsewhere across the wider education arena.
  3. Although research projects will be considered, we are looking for them to be able to be translated into practical projects within a reasonable timeframe.
  4. Projects must be deemed to have a good chance of success and provide value for money.

TGET will not provide grants for the following:

  1. Individuals for their own education.
  2. Projects solely for the benefit of a single educational establishment.
  3. Projects we believe should be part of statutory funding or the replacing of lost/withdrawn statutory funding.
  4. Projects that are restricted to or built around particular religious or political beliefs.
  5. Projects that cannot demonstrate equality of opportunity in education.


  1. There will be the need for regular reporting/assessment of projects/funding by grantees. The grantees must be able to demonstrate that the projects are well managed with sufficient finances. There should also be controls over ensuring no individual benefits financially if a project becomes a commercial proposition.
  2. TGET expects all grantees to be able to demonstrate adherence to the 7 Nolan Principles of integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

In addition to the longer term relationships with the strategic partners the Trustees will consider smaller grants to projects which may not fully match the Trusts criteria for supporting projects.